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In the case that conflicts cannot be avoided, the firm’s lawyers will represent their clients as plaintiffs or defendants in French courts of law.

An expertise in litigation

We have extensive experience in civil, real-estate and commercial litigation. Whether as plaintiffs or defendants, we assist and represent our clients in most jurisdictions and in a great variety of conflicts.

Types of Litigation

Conflict Litigation: this type of litigation typically occurs when attempts to resolve disputes through mediation or negotiation are unsuccessful, when one of the parties are unable to fulfill his obligations, or to solve conflicts concerning the rights and duties of each party.

Tactical Litigation: this type of litigation is strategic toward a desired outcome, to strengthen one’s position, or to weaken the opposing party or convince them to enter into negotiations. 


A favourable outcome in litigation is based on an appropriate strategy. We take all parameters into account in order to:

  • Anticipate the opposing party’s arguments
  • Conduct in-depth legal research
  • Cooperate with other legal professionals
  • Ensure the utilization of all facts in the client’s favour 
  • Know and Strengthen weak points 
  • Assess each parties’ financial situation regarding their ability to withstand a legal battle over time and adhere to a legal decision. 

Taking the role of Initiator in the legal process is an instrumental part of any strategy, which significantly increases the chances of success. The Initiator has the following advantageous abilities:

  • Controls the speed and timing of the case,
  • Takes the opposing party by surprise,
  • Takes the course opposite to the opposing party’s strategy,
  • Anticipates the opposing party’s litigation,
  • Decides on the best time to institute a procedure,
  • Gathers useful information as soon as possible in order to enforce a decision,
  • Sets up protective measures to guarantee a decision’s enforcement.
Gathering Information

Obtaining information influences a lawsuit’s outcome. It allows:

  • Reinforcement of grounds for a legal action or defence
  • Overturn of the apparent position of the opposing party
  • Establishment of efficient protective measures to guarantee a legal decision’s enforcement.

Thus, it is sometimes necessary to conduct detailed research.

Our Office works to accomplish this task together with its partners who are certified under article L 622-6 of the Code of Homeland Security and specialized in the research of information and evidence.

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